Conditions of Sale

  1. Orders will be accepted subject to availability of stock.? Goods are not on a sale or return basis.

  2. The price of the goods will be Sunglint’s quoted price at the date of delivery.

  3. Sunglint will not accept liability for loss or damage to products occurring after delivery.

  4. The customer shall be responsible for examining the goods on delivery.? Any damaged or defective goods and shortages must be noted on signing Sunglint’s delivery note.

  5. The customer must notify Sunglint in writing, within 24 hours of delivery of any shortages, damaged or defective goods.

  6. Payment for goods will be due on delivery, unless credit terms have been previously agreed with the company.

  7. Sunglint will retain title of the goods until they have been pad for.

  8. Sunglint will not be liable for any unsold stock in the customer’s possession which has passed its “sell by”date.

  9. Dispensing through Sunglint equipment any product other than those supplied by Sunglint may result in immediate termination of the agreement and removal of equipment and/or charge equivalent to the loss of income for the company.

  10. The equipment remains at all times the property of Sunglint and the customer may not dispose of or modify it.

  11. Sunglint will provide free of charge all necessary maintenance arising from normal wear and tear, but reserves the right to charge for any call made as a result of obvious customer neglect.

  12. The customer undertakes at all times to keep the equipment in good and hygienic condition.? Daily cleaning is a customer responsibility.

  13. The customer will make good at its own expense any damages or loss of equipment arising other than fair wear and tear.

  14. The customer will permit Sunglint to inspect equipment and carry out maintenance at all reasonable times.

  15. Both Sunglint and the customer may terminate this agreement by giving one month’s written notice after the expiration of the initial agreed contract length.? The customer will not permit Sunglint’s equipment to be removed by any other person other than Sunglint authorised personnel.? Sunglint reserves the right to make a charge of ?150.00 (one hundred and fifty Pounds), if the correct notice is not given, or its equipment is removed by an unauthorised third party.

  16. The company reserves the right to reclaim any bank charges it incurs as a result of represented or dishonoured cheques.

  17. The customer shall arrange Insurance for any direct or indirect loss of equipment belonging to Sunglint,? i.e breakage, theft, damage accidental or otherwise and shall also indemnify Sunglint against any consequential loss such as fire, flood etc.

  18. The initial term of the contract is a minimum 18 months from installation, renewable by mutual agreement.